A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Good sir! The dungeon is over run with malcontents and those of disreputable dispositions!

Attack enemies by matching tiles either vertically or horizontally. The more tiles matched, the stronger the attack, but beware, if the element of the attack doesn't match the enemy you'll only do half the damage!

Please do try and remember that you are not immortal and your health does not regenerate so keep an eye on your armor durability and repair when necessary!

Baddies drop gold after a nice beating, but gold can be earned in battle as well with a little speed, luck, and some sweet matching skills with the golden tiles.


  • Xbox Controller and keyboard arrows for Navigation
  • Xbox A key and "U" for interaction

multiplayer Controls

  • Xbox Controller 2 and WASD keyboard for player 2 navigation
  • Xbox Controller 2 "A" and "R" on keyboard for player 2 interaction
  • Xbox "B" and "X" or "T" and "O" Keyboard to buy from the store


MonocleMatchDungeonPC 27 MB
MonocleMatchDungeonMac 31 MB

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